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Invited talks, roundtables, workshops

Guest speaker, “Vital Affordances: A New Materialist Approach to Disability”, seminar delivered at Department of Anthropology, University College London, United Kingdom, February 2017. 

Guest speaker, “Disability on and off Stage: The Potentials of Visual Ethnography in Disability Arts and Scholarship”, seminar delivered at the Zurich University of the Arts, as part of the Swiss National Science Foundation funded project, “DisAbility on Stage. Exploring the Physical in Performing Arts Practices”, Switzerland, October 2016.  

Roundtable respondent, “Please Do Touch! David Johnson’s exhibition Sculptures from the Inner Space”, curated by Florian Grond, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, March 2016.

“Misfires that Matter: Disability, Performance and Everyday Life”, presentation delivered at New York University, Performance Studies Department, USA, February 2015. 

Guest speaker, "Prejudice, Access and the Everyday: How are disabilities experienced and perceived in Montreal?", University of the Streets Café, Montreal, February 2015. 

Guest speaker, “Urban Lab # 2 Public Space + Accessibility” organized by Points de vue, a community-based art platform, Montreal, July 2014.

Workshop organizer, “Montreal in/accessible Megafone Workshop”, organized together with Antoni Abad and Laurence Parent, Montreal, Canada, May 2013. 

Conference Presentations

“A Genealogy of the concept of Disability: Military classifications of Task-Performances”, paper presented at, International Federation for Theatre Research, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2016.

“Disability as Method: Critical Inquiries into Mundane Micro-Practices and Performative Ways of Media-making”, paper presented at Inviting Movements: Emerging Critical Disability & Deaf Perspectives and Practices Symposium, Montreal, Canada, May 2016.

“Disability and Micro-activist Affordances of the Everyday”, paper presented as part of the Panel "Disability and Everyday Worlds", chaired by: Dr. Dikaios Sakellariou, the Society for Applied Anthropology 76th Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, March 2016.   

"Misfires that Matter: Disabled Ways of Affording the Everyday", presented at Radical Affordances: Emerging Scholarship, Art, and Activism at the Intersection of Media and Disability Studies, McGill University, Montreal, March 2015. 

"Misfire, misperform, manifest: Disability and everyday life", video presented at Bodies-in-Transit: Articulating the Americas (and Beyond), Hemispheric Institute Graduate Student Convergence, New York, USA, October 2014.

"Misfire, misperform, manifest: Disability and everyday life", video presented as part of the Hemispheric Institute Teach-Ins, Encuentro Festival/Symposium, Montreal, Canada, June 2014.

“Blindness, Techno-Affordances and Participation in Everyday Life”, video presented as part of the panel Digital Media and Participatory PracticesReClaiming Participation Conference, Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich, Switzerland, May 2014.

“Blood tests and everyday tasks? Transitions to performance in contemporary health care and outcomes research,” paper presented as part of the panel In Transition: Body Politics, Performance, and Disability, Performance Studies international 19, Palo Alto, USA, June 2013.

“Misfires that Matter: Invisible Disabilities and Differential Mobilities in Everyday Life”, video presented at the annual meeting of the Pan-American Mobilities Network and the Cosmobilities Network, Differential Mobilities: Movement and Mediation in Networked Society, Montréal, Canada, May 2013.

“Invisible Disabilities and Performances of the Everyday,” video presented at International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) annual conference, Mediating Performance, Scène, Média et Médiation, Santiago, Chile, July 2012.

“The Environment as a Living Achieve,” paper presented at Performance Studies international 17, Camillo 2.0: Technology, Memory, Experience, Utrecht, Netherlands, May 2011.

“Making the Subtle Visible: A Short Documentary on Rheumatoid Arthritis-related disabilities,” paper presented at Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR), Rome, Italy, June 2010.

“Surveying Socio-Histories through the Physically Disabled Body,” video presented at Bodies and Socio-Histories Interdisciplinary Colloquium, Goldsmiths University, London, UK, February 2010.

“Misfires that Matter: Invisible Physical Disabilities in Everyday Life,” video presented at Performance Studies international 15, MISPERFORMANCE: Misfiring, Misfitting, Misreading, Zagreb, Croatia, June 2009.

“Excursing the West from the Screen to the Magazines,” paper presented at Shifting Landscapes: Film and Media in European Context Conference, İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul, Turkey, June 2006.

“Performative Writing as an Alternative to Film Criticism in Contemporary Cinema,” paper presented at the 4th Annual International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Hawaii, USA, January 2006.

Invited Presentations

Film Screening (“Invisible Disabilities: Everyday Lives of People living with Rheumatoid Arthritis"), followed by a Q&A at: 

İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Hospital, Turkey, February 2013.

Liverpool University, UK, April 2012.

North West Rheumatology Club Meeting, Southport & Formby District General Hospital, UK, May 2011.

The Society for Research and Education in Rheumatology 11th National Congress, Antalya, Turkey, October 2010. 

The North West College of Occupational Therapy Special Interest Group, St. Helens Hospital, UK, October 2010.

PARE/EULAR patient initiative group, Annual European Congress of Rheumatology, Rome, Italy, June 2010.

Royal Blackburn Hospital, UK, May 2010. 

Treat RA to Target Meeting, Girne, Northern Cyprus, April 2010.

Manchester Rheumatology Afternoon, Manchester University, UK, February 2010.

İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Hospital, Turkey, December 2009.

McGill University Health Center, September 2009.